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Reviews of Buried In Grief Novel

Reviews Buried In Grief Novel CG Buswell I started this book today and could not put it down till I finished.So very well written.I agree can be upsetting in parts but it had me glued to it from beginning to the end. I hope to see more books from the author Chris Buswell.x Tigger.

A great book with a huge twist at the end! The family's grief was written so well and was totally believable. I didn't see the twist coming at all! If you like crime and mystery books, you have to read this! Georgina Hull.

Loved this book. I have read a few of Chris's books and enjoy them all. With this one thought, I did not expect the ending! Super most worthy of a read maybe even twice. Morven Slyper.

It's not often I give 5 stars but this book had me engrossed from start to finish. Read the book in one sitting, buried in grief takes you on an emotional journey of loss and acceptance. The ending was not what I expected even though you just knew Bernard was up to something, Will this story end there or is there room for a sequel. Christine.

Well this was supposed to be my read for my holiday but instead got reading the back cover and the first few pages and that was it I was glued. yes their are a few upsetting scenes but so well written and was not expecting the ending. Will definitely be reading more of his books. Mrs Lorimer.

Reviews of The Drummer Boy Novel

drummer boy novel chris cg buswell Really enjoyed reading the book and it brought back some good memories of being a QA at Tidworth and of a memorable night whilst stationed there. - Kindle Reader.

Absolutely brilliant book Chris. So well written. I have no understanding of Wellington or Napoleon but I understood what was in the book. I feel like I know Scott personally. Would recommend this book to anyone. Gripping,enthralling and more. Did not take me long to read at all. Can't wait for the next adventure. - Tigger, Paperback Reader, 5 Star Amazon Review.

Another good read from Chris! The historical research that goes into his stories pays off. I was transported through Scott's eyes to each and every event that took place. Sad to come to the end, but look forward to the next one. Thank you Chris. - Lani, Kindle Reader, 5 star Amazon Review.

Yet again absolutely BRILLIANT. As expected another outstanding read from Chris what a brilliant writer he is. Would highly recommend people to read this book as with the first book I felt like I was there with Scott. Please keep writing Chris waiting in anticipation for Scott's next mission. Would have given 10 stars but it only goes to 5 but well deserves 10. - Yvonne, Paperback Reader, 5 Star Amazon Review.

Reviews of The Grey Lady Ghost Story

The Grey Lady Ghost A must read - The QARANC Association

I read this book in 2 nights, I just couldn't put it down. When I reached the end I cried. An excellent read thank you. - Susan Robinson of Wenches in Trenches

Fantastic, can't wait for the rest of the series. - Mike Cowley

Memories of Aldershot's Cambridge Military Hospital (CMH) will come flooding back for anyone reading Chris Buswell's haunting novel. - Aldershot News and Mail. Read their review and read their page about the history of the CMH.

Do not pass this book by. It had me in tears. Excellent, emotional, well written. Thank you an absolute pleasure to read. - Kindle Customer

Took me back to working at CMH in the 80s and 90s. The legend of the Grey Lady is known to those of us who have worked there which piqued the interest. An interesting mix of old and new QA roles. Quite creepy in parts. - JackieO

Fantastic book, I served at the Cambridge Military Hospital, so remember well the stories of The Grey Lady. Descriptions of the hospital was spot on, so easy to visualise the place again. Highly recommend, especially if you served at CMH. - JK

Brilliant story, well written and well researched. Having been into the Cambridge military hospital, on my own, after it had been closed for some time, the authors description was spot on, even down and very noticeably so, peeling paint. I am not a believer in ghosts but I experienced an event which I can't explain, not the smell of lavender, I might add. My wife also read this book and she very much enjoyed the story, lots of facts interspersed with legend. A great book, one, which when started, was hard to put down. - Micky

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